Lost Property Enquiry

We have a dedicated lost property department. Please fill in the form below


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18-20 Fleet Street


L1 4AN


0151 305 2424

All lost property enquiries are to be sent to lostproperty@levelnightclub.co.uk. You will receive a response within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response within the specified time, please call on 0151 305 2424.


Level Nightclub accept no responsibility for any personal belongings lost or left unattended in the venue – this includes uncollected cloakroom items.



Below are the time limits in which you can claim a lost item:


Identification documents (e.g., passports, driving licenses) are kept on site for a maximum of two weeks, after which they are sent to the relevant authorities (e.g., DVLA).


Cloakroom items are kept on site for a maximum of two weeks, and can only be claimed and collected if the owner still possesses the relevant ticket or ticket number.

Electronics (e.g., phones) are kept on site for no longer than two weeks, after which they are handed in to the relevant authorities.


Other items such as clothing and accessories are kept on site for one week, after which they are disposed of or donated to a local charity.